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Talking with customers at Wine and Food In The Park

Having fun at a Pickers Lunch

Working in the vines

A fun grape stomp at a Pickers Lunch Bellbird Wines are avilable at Taste South Burnett's cellar door or by mail order

  • Top: Bellbird Vineyards are owned by Kevin and Nina Temperton and are located on the beautiful Coolabunia uplands just south of Kingaroy.
  • Above Left: You can find Bellbird Vineyard's wines at the Wine & Food In The Park Festival which is held in Kingaroy on the second Saturday of March every year. Otherwise you can find them at Taste South Burnett in Alford Street, Kingaroy all year round.
  • 2nd Left: Having fun at the popular Pickers Luncheon which Bellbird run during the harvest season for volunteers who help bring in the vintage.
  • 3rd Left: Bellbird Vineyards owner Kevin Temperton inspecting the vines.
  • 4th Left: Grape stomping is always a highlight of the Pickers Luncheon!
  • 5th Left: Bellbird Vineyard's wines are individually crafted and produced in a strictly limited supply each year.
  • Bottom: Bellbird's wine dogs assist in the routine vineyard work and help keep birds at bay when the grapes begin to ripen.

Kevin and Nina Temperton, the owners of Bellbird Vineyards
Bellbird VineyardsBellbird Vineyards, Coolabunia
Bellbird Vineyards are located 14 km south-east of Kingaroy in the beautiful Coolabunia uplands that encircle the southern part of the town (Coolabunia's rich red soils and cool climate provide a perfect environment for grape growing). The vineyards were established by Kevin and Nina Temperton in 2000.

Bellbird Vineyards is a boutique wine producer and their 20 acre vineyard is planted with shiraz, cabernet-sauvignon, verdelho and merlot vines.

Bellbird's wines are crafted by several South Burnett winemakers and are available for sale at the Taste South Burnett cellar door at Shop 4, 36 Alford Street in Kingaroy; at the annual Wine & Food In The Park Festival held in Kingaroy on the second Saturday of March each year; or by mail order direct from their Bellbird Vineyards website.

Bellbird currently produce a delightful rose, a cabernet-sauvignon and a verdelho under the own brand; and a Coolabunia Verdelho in conjunction with Nanango's Arabesque Winery.

Because Bellbird Vineyards doesn't have an on-site cellar door the property can't accept bus tours. But they're happy to conduct off-site tastings at art gallery openings, markets, festivals and similar events if they're given sufficient time to arrange the necessary licensing.

Bellbird Vineyards also host a popular annual Pickers Luncheon during the harvest season in late January and February where volunteers who help bring in the harvest are treated to a great lunch; terrific wines; and a lot of fun. If you're interested in taking part in one of these lunches, simply email Bellbird Vineyards about it.

 Contact Details
 Address: Bellbird Vineyards, 440 Bellbird Road, Kingaroy Qld 4610
 (07) 4162 1733

Bellbird's wine dogs preparing for another day in the vineyards

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