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Cahill's farmstead

Cahill's chardonnay is a great accompaniment to seafood!

Harvesting shiraz in the vineyard

Cahill's grapes are all hand-tended Cahill's wines can be obtained at the Carrollee Hotel in Kingaroy

  • Top: John Cahill is the South Burnett's smallest wine producer, but his quiet and unassuming method of growing a vineyard and cellar door has won him many fans.
  • Above Left: The Cahill homestead is a typical South Burnett farmhouse, surrounded by gardens with an outlook over the nearby Booie Range.
  • 2nd Left: Cahill's produce a quarterly recipe sheet which explains how to prepare simple gourmet meals to accompany their wines.
  • 3rd Left: Cahill's vineyard grows shiraz and chardonnay grapes and they're all hand-tended and hand-picked.
  • 4th Left: Quality is an obsession with John Cahill, and his wines command a strong following.
  • 5th Left: Cahill's wines can be purchased from the Carrollee Hotel's bottle shop in Kingaroy, but only if you're quick! All past releases have completely sold out.
  • Bottom: Cindy and John Cahill relaxing with their Wine Dog outside the homestead. They plan to open a cellar door on the property in the next few years.

Cahill's Wines are carefully aged in oak barrels
Cahills WinesCahills Wines, Kingaroy
Cahills Wines are a boutique wine producer whose vineyards are located 19km due east of Kingaroy on a ridge of the Booie Range. Cahills Wines are owned by John and Cindy Cahill and their Kingaroy Ridge vineyards were established in 1998.

Cahills currently grow 5 acres of shiraz and chardonnay grapes, and plan to expand the vineyards to approximately 10 acres in 2011. Their vineyards are hand-tended and watered by a drought-proof irrigation system.

Cahills produce a limited release of their shiraz and chardonnay each year, along with a port. The wines were originally produced for them by acclaimed Kingaroy winemaker John Crane, but are now produced by Crane Wines' new owner Bernie Cooper.

Cahills Wines don't have a cellar door - there are plans to build one in the next few years once the vineyard expansion has been put in place - so their property isn't open to the public at the present time.

However, their wines can be obtained through the Carrollee Hotel's drive-though bottle shop in Haly Street, Kingaroy or by mail order from the farm.

 Contact Details
 Address: Cahills Wines, 448-484 Booie Road, Booie Qld 4610
 (07) 4163 1563

John and Cindy Cahill spending time with their Wine Dog

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